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I Don’t Go in for Hierarchy

June 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve been reading the first few chapters of Touching Heaven the last few days. There’s something in it that sticks in my craw.

In a word, it’s hierarchy.

So, first, some context: the book is about Orthodox Christianity, written by a guy who grew up Protestant and later (I assume) converted to Orthodoxy, spent some time with some Russian monks. A lot of what he says is good to my ear: the role of mystery, the way the liturgy makes faith tangible, the pitfalls of a faith that exists only in the vacuum of the mind or the pages of books, the startling experience of God in one’s practice. I like that he puts more importance on silently reciting the Jesus prayer while gardening than on the attempt to climb the rungs of church leadership.

The thing I get stuck on is Read more…


Radical Disciples

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

According to the Oxford (pages 83-86), life in the first century hinged, in part, on the poles of honor and shame. The rich man would erect a monument as a demonstration of his honorability, and as for shame, the social pressure to avoid it governed the people. In such a society, here come the disciples proclaiming a God who made himself nothing – unthinkable – while they themselves rejoiced in moments that tested their resolve to abandon allegiance to their own sense of Read more…