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My Faith Must Be of This Land

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I paused from my study to read back over these entries, trying to make sense of something that eludes me. It has to do with this subject of lineage and place and how they affect religion.

I think I understand how we got here: how the history of ancient Israel came to be so important to us contemporary American descendants of European pagans. It’s a strange story, but logical enough when you lay it out.

We Americans are just as strange, ourselves. We’re not Europeans (though we each have a nation or two across the Atlantic to claim for a heritage), and we’re not natives (though we were born here). We’re the starling among birds, the rock dove, the non-native blackberry that has become Read more…


Stories that Wear the Clothes of My People

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

In exile, the “Jewish heirs of old Israel” came “to perceive that there were other ways to understand the death of their nation…,” to “sing new songs to their God,” whose authority “transcended all national boundaries… to be both Jewish and citizens of diverse nations” (Oxford Study Bible, page 42). It was “a situation in which the struggle for new identities, new forms of religious community, and new ways of being the people of Yahweh, could be explored.” These were the communities of the biblical tradition, those “that produced and treasured it” (ibid., page 41).

I did not produce the biblical tradition, but I come from a community that treasures it. Read more…

Expansion Angst

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

“The growth of large, multi-national urban centers around the Mediterranean basin” at the dawn of Christianity made it so that “cultural, economic, and religious exchange could flourish” (Oxford Study Bible, page 7). This, with the “new mobility” made possible by the common tongue of Koine Greek, and the “relative stability” of Greek and Roman rule, and the new sophistication in math, science and astronomy spelled PROGRESS in capital letters.

Why then the depth of angst that these people seemed to suffer?

According to their cosmology, God’s address had never before been so far away. As well as being at the center of the universe, the earth was now also Read more…